Develhope joins UNCHR Italy to help refugees

Develhope is pleased to officially announce that it has entered into an important partnership with UNHCR Italy, the UN refugee agency. Our school has always been committed to fighting social inequality and unemployment. This time, however, it has decided to broaden its scope and allow refugee people to train and thus enter to work in the IT sector.

As Chiara Giordano, head of Develhope's foreign expansion strategy, explains, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the school undertook to open every possible opportunity for dialogue with international entities, so as to give concrete support to those who would soon arrive in Italy. In fact, the project was already in the works, but it was greatly accelerated by the international situation.

At the end of March, therefore, the exchange with Massimo Gnone, Integration Associate UNHCR Italy, intensified, and he contacted Develhope to collaborate in promoting four different training and placement opportunities in the IT sector open to refugees under the "Welcome Working for refugee integration" program. Our web developer school, in fact, has been selected among the Italian academies able to provide upskilling and reskilling training paths to refugees and refugee women living in Italy who want to find employment opportunities in the IT, software development and IT sector.

Specifically, the pathways are open to holders of residence permits for refugee claim, political refugee (refugee status), subsidiary protection, special protection or temporary protection. All with the support of the Ministry, SAI Central Service and other partners who have decided to lend their support. "We are really happy to take part in this initiative and at such a historical moment, and we thank both UNHCR Italy and Massimo Gnone for their support during the onboarding process. The dialogue and collaboration with UNHCR represent for us, team Develhope, a very important milestone: generating a strong impact at the social level and improving access to education to change people's lives, are factors that have always been at the core of our Mission.

We have never stopped, we are still working so that scholarships will soon be available at our School for asylum seekers and refugees who want to pursue their careers in the tech sector," Chiara commented proudly. The results can already be seen: within a few days, in fact, Develhope received expressions of interest from a number of Afghan refugees, who were immediately given the opportunity to meet with our Acquisition team. One of them, by the way, has already started the preparatory pre-course that will prepare him to undertake the actual full-stack bootcamp.

Saveria Spezzano

Saveria Spezzano

Product Marketing Manager @Develhope