Afghan Female Programmer's Inspiring Success in Italy

Discover how an Afghan female programmer named Fatima Shefaie found success in the IT industry in Italy through the support of organizations like Academy Rapido and Develhope :

Fatima Shefaie

Fatima Shefaie is an Afghan female programmer who moved to Italy due to the war in her home country. She had studied computer science in Afghanistan and was working as a programming teacher in a private university before coming to Italy. Her favorite profession was programming and software engineering, and she was always looking for ways to improve her skills in this field.

However, when she arrived in Italy, she faced many challenges and had no idea how to deal with them. She did not expect to find a job in her favorite area of software development or even in the IT industry during her first year as a refugee.

Despite these challenges, Fatima was introduced to the Academy Rapido team, who offered a course under the title "Ready for IT." She found the course interesting and decided to enroll. She passed the course and discovered that there were more professional courses available, like the Android programming courses offered by the Develhope team.

Fatima started the Develhope course and was amazed by how supportive the team was. The tutors and coordinators like Claudia and Giulia helped her through difficult times. Today, Fatima is at the end of the course, feeling more comfortable with finding a job in the IT industry. She is doing team projects and is gaining a lot of knowledge through this experience.

Fatima's journey as an Afghan female programmer has not been easy, but with the help of supportive organizations like Academy Rapido and Develhope, she has been able to continue pursuing her passion. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, it is crucial to have access to these resources and to work with supportive teams.

In conclusion, Fatima Shefaie's story is a testament to the importance of access to supportive organizations and teams in the IT industry. Organizations like Academy Rapido and Develhope provide crucial resources for individuals like Fatima to pursue their passions and thrive in a male-dominated industry. She is an inspiration for all that women who want to pursue their passions, no matter the challenges they face.

Thank you Fatima and good luck,

Develhope Team

Saveria Spezzano

Saveria Spezzano

Product Marketing Manager @Develhope