Develhope and Torre unite to match talent and tech

Maria Fernanda Mosquera Noy, Growth Marketer at Torre

The network of partners of the International Chapter of Develhope is growing: since yesterday we started working with to bring young tech and high quality talents to companies around the world.

Torre is the online networking platform that connects professionals (with different levels of experience) with international job opportunities, helping them advance their career in an automated, impartial and transparent way. In this way, one of the goals of Torre is to simplify the recruitment process for both companies and job seekers, using over 100 factors to automatically match jobs, candidates and teams.

Develhope, the only school for software programmers that has recently extended its social impact internationally, is always active in supporting students in finding their first job as programmers. Looking at todayโ€™s context where the importance of a diverse team is growing more and more, and work boundaries have been removed, itโ€™s very important to cooperate with platforms like Torre to offer new global placement opportunities.

We think that this cooperation can generate a double benefit. In fact, on the one hand Develhope talents will have access to Torreโ€™s extensive network of international partner companies, as well as those of Develhope itself; on the other hand, Torre will benefit from new young resources, whose technical skills acquired during Develhopeโ€™s courses come from a study of global market trends and a constant adaptation to the needs of IT recruiters around the world.

Thanks to the whole Torre Team for embracing our Mission of bridging the gap of missing programmers on the global market and tackling youth unemployment in disadvantaged areas through a concrete and structured process!

Sasa Sekulic

Sasa Sekulic