Becoming Global: TalentGrid is now a partner of Develhope

Develhope 2022 was amazing. Among all the social impact projects, challenges, new meetings and partners who have chosen to support our work, we have also started to include international students in our courses.

And so 2023 begins with a burst on this same goal of expanding our impact globally! We are indeed excited to announce our partnership with TalentGrid, a platform that connects software developers with global job opportunities based on their expertise and specific criteria. Together with the great TalentGrid team, we aim at bridging the gap between education and employment for the next generation of software developers internationally.

Develhope is an online school for programmers that aims to invest in areas with high youth unemployment rates. We believe that by providing innovative, accessible and high-quality education models, we can help young people around the world develop the skills they need to ensure rewarding careers in the technology industry.

TalentGrid, on the other hand, focuses on helping developers find the right job opportunities based on their skills and experience. With a growing network of over 40,000 developers from Eastern Europe and Turkey, and its advanced matching technology, TalentGrid is able to prioritize the interests of tech talents and match them to appropriate opportunities quickly and smoothly.

Step by step, our goal will be to create a strong ecosystem that allows young people to develop the skills they need to succeed in the tech sector, providing a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges facing unemployed and under-employed people who want to enter the world of work today or change careers.

Thank you TalentGrid and we look forward to seeing the positive impact this collaboration will have on the next generation of β€œDevelhopers”!

Saveria Spezzano

Saveria Spezzano

Product Marketing Manager @Develhope